ESTA for Austrian Citizens

ESTA for Austrian Citizens

Austrian citizens are elegible for ESTA as they are part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Any citizen of Andorra can apply for an ESTA
This country is an active member of the VWP
This country joined the VWP in 1991

Specific requirements for the ESTA

➤ Anyone visiting by making use of the ESTA is only allowed to stay for a total of 90 days
➤  Anyone traveling by air or sea need to get an ESTA approval
ESTA facilitates the people who travel to the U.S. for tourism, for business, for transit, and for medical purposes.
➤ You need a valid electronic passport that can be read by a machine to apply
➤ People of all ages require separate ESTA applications, and this includes infants and toddlers

Any Austrian citizen looking to apply for an ESTA is going to be allowed to stay in the country for a total of 90 days, and they can visit for vacations, for leisure, for business, for medical purposes and transit purposes. Their addition to the Visa Waiver Program in 1991 has allowed citizens from this country to apply for an ESTA.

The ESTA was created back in 2009 to make it easier for people to get permission to travel to the United States and this also removes the massive workload of approving traveler’s visas. This is the reason why the ESTA is only available for several countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program and Austria is included in that list with several others.

The ESTA can be requested online, and you will get a response for approval in no more than 72 hours from the moment when you apply. A valid passport is needed for the ESTA to be granted and the ESTA has a duration of 24 months unless the passport used to get the ESTA expires sooner than that. An invalid passport makes your ESTA invalid, and you need to apply for a new ESTA if this happens. We suggest you check our Q&A before you apply for an ESTA.

The ESTA does not give a citizen of Austria the same set of regulations and rights that are given to a person that requests a U.S. Visa. The DS-160 a much more comprehensive form that needs to be filled out when a person is looking to get a Visa for the U.S. There are also other documents that may be required when a person is looking to apply for a visa instead of an ESTA.

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