When applying for a ESTA it is a requirement to be performing checks that will require that law enforcement databases to be accessed. Anyone who is looking to travel to the U.S. is going to need to use this system to be admitted under the Visa Waiver Program.

Once the ESTA is approved, the individualwill be eligible for travel however this does not establish the Visa Waiver Program admission to the U.S. Once the individual arrives at the U.S., there will be an inspection by border protection and customs. This processwill determine whether the individual will be able to gain entry into the country.Please note the denial of the Visa Waiver Program process will not affect an application for a standard travel visa.

Any information that you provide for yourself or any third parties must be accurate. Keep in mind that any new information could be used to revoke the ESTA. Criminal and administrative penalties could be a consequence of any fictitious, fraudulent, or false statements when information is filled as a person applies.

Important: Please note that you are not to request unauthorized employment or attend any academic institution if you visit the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program. You can not apply for an extension, any changes to non-immigrant status, or adjust your status in any way. If you violate the terms, you will need to leave the country.